Our first event!

Next weekend we are off to a Benefit beauty bloggers event and we can’t wait! Really looking forward to trying all the new products that are being released and sharing with you guys exactly what we think! :-)

Also over the next week or so I’ll be looking into different products which will improve the state of the skin around my nails and products to help me grow my nails (that’s right! I’m a nail biter!). I really don’t want to bite my nails and seeing others with really nice nails makes me really jealous - so I’ll be looking at products and which ones are the best for those of us that sit in the group ‘no willpower’! I’ve been biting my nails for about 20 years so it’s going to be very difficult to stop biting my nails - if anyone has any tips or product recommendations I’d be very happy to hear them!!

Nikki ~x~

A quick ‘Hello’!

There comes a time in every bloggers life to write THAT first blog post. It’s a scary and daunting experience for all involved but it’s always best to just get it out of the way. Like ripping off a plaster. The quicker it’s done the more pain free it is.

Welcome to Curves and Contour. This is a blog by Nikki & Nadine focusing on beauty products. We will be looking at different products from a variety of different brands and whether they are actually any good, on two very different skin tones - one dark, one light. Our promise to you is to always be honest.

We are also using this blog to help us with our weight loss & healthy living, fashion etc.

We don’t want our first post to be too long so we will leave it here for now!

We look forward to our adventure with you and see you in the next post!

N&N ~x~