It’s Grow Time

So my nails are disgusting. They’re bitten really short and the skin around the edges have been picked and pulled at until they bleed. It’s time to stop biting, picking and pulling and time to grow my nails so they’re long and I can continue my nail art on my actual nails!

I’m going to be hunting down some products that will aid nail growth and really nourish my cuticles. Once I have tracked down some decent products I’ll post regular updates and pictures of how my nails are doing. Nail biting is addictive. It’s difficult to stop. It’s a bad habit and habits are tough to break. Like my habit of snacking on crisps and chocolate for example. With this too, I will be trying to break the habit. Move on to healthier snacks. Healthier foods and in general a much healthier lifestyle. 

I’m going to be starting MummyFit classes at my local gym very soon. And fingers crossed things will start to take shape and I’ll be a healthier person in mind, body and spirit.

If anyone has any suggestions about any nail products, diets, ways to cut back on snacking etc. please please please let me know!

Speak soon my lovelies!

Nikki ~x~