New day, new start

So tomorrow is a new day, (almost) a new month and for me a new start. On almost every aspect of my life I feel like I need a clean slate and to start again. So let's start little. From tomorrow I shall make sure I get up and get dressed, actually take the time on my make up and actually allow me to feel good about myself, I really will stop biting my nails and use the cuticle oil and nail envy, I will also make sure that every morning I find time for a cup of tea and some breakfast. I have a terrible habit of skipping breakfast and if I'm trying to lose a little weight and trim down I need to start eating properly - starting with breakfast. I'm actually going to have breakfast!

I'm also going to attempt to drink more water instead of fizzy drinks.  Even if I have to put a splash of squash in it, I'm going to at least try! 

Also I'm going to try and post on a regular basis. Once a day, or at worst once every other day. I do realise that sometimes it may not be possible to blog every day but I can try my best. 

For now my lovelies - night night sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite! Nikki ~x~

I'm trying... Honest!

You probably won't believe me but I'm really trying to stop biting my nails! And to be honest it's not the nail biting I'm having issues with - it's the picking at the skin around my nails. I see a loose bit of skin and I just can't help myself! 

Does anyone have any product recommendations to help me stop picking the skin? It really hurts but I can't seem to stop myself!

Speak soon beauts! Nikki ~x~

Right, Let's Start Again!

The last few weeks have been pretty stressful, so no sooner had I started the 'Grow My Nails' project, I failed. Miserably. I've bitten my nails right back and I've pulled at the skin. I've not used my Nail Envy or my Avoplex Cuticle Oil. And I haven't touched my lovely Avojuice hand lotion.

So I am making a vow right now to actually do this so I have nice nails in time for Christmas so I can do some Christmas nail art!

I'm also going to try to lose a bit of weight too. I lost loads of weight during my pregnancy as I was so poorly in the beginning but I seem to have put it all back on again *sigh* so I now need to work super hard to get it back off and this time keep it off! This is going to be particularly difficult for me as I'm such a fussy eater. I don't eat much if any veg, I do like fruit but even that I'm quite fussy on. I'll be having a read up on healthy eating and foods that are good for you that I actually like!

Speak soon lovelies! Nikki ~x~


Ok so that might sound more exciting than it actually is! I have migrated from Tumblr to Blogger! I loved Tumblr but there is a lot more you can do with Blogger. I can now change my fonts in my posts easily, there are many more themes and backgrounds to choose from, and there seems to be a bit more traffic flowing through Blogger so that should be good!

I'm having a few issues updating the info on Bloglovin' though - so if anyone knows how to delete a blog and find the new one, let me know!

Speak soon lovelies! Nikki ~x~

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Goals for my Blog

So I thought I would set myself some goals regarding my blog which I thought I would share with you and get some thoughts if anyone has any!

First off, I want to start adding a photo to every post. But for this I need decent quality, light photos. So I need to learn how to take decent, light photos! So that’s goal number 1 - Learn how to take good quality photos and upload at least one with every blog post.

Secondly, blog more! I find myself hitting a bit of a bump every now and again (ok, ok. A lot!) and I won’t blog for a good week or more. Me and my sister started this blog so we could share our thoughts and tips on makeup, nail products etc and our thoughts on day to day life. Time to up our game!

Thirdly and finally, use Twitter and Instagram a bit more with the blog. I’m always tweeting or posting on instagram so maybe I should start doing both in the name of the blog a little bit more!

Speak soon lovelies! Nikki ~x~

Turn it around

So I’ve had a pretty rough weekend. It started really bad, to shorten everything down (for now at least) I spent Saturday morning in tears. I never expected to start my weekend this way. I eventually managed to crawl out of my pit and found a way to drag me and my family to my mum and dads for the afternoon and evening.

Mum took me and my son out for an afternoon walk to try and take my mind off things and it really worked! It was freezing cold (doesn’t the weather seem to have gone freezing so suddenly?!) but I like that. I like putting on my hat, scarf and gloves and wrapping up. I really feel like Christmas is just around the corner when I first have to wrap up for winter! Mum was then nice enough to cook us all pie and chips for dinner - the perfect end to the day. 

Yesterday was a chill out day. Spent on the sofa gaming & watching TV with some chocolate for comfort. I love a lazy day every once in a while!

How do you like to spend your weekends? 

Speak soon! Nikki ~x~

Something Slightly Different

Being a new blogger you could probably guess that one of many reasons for starting blogging is down to other bloggers that I follow and read. These are a variety of blogs, some about make up and beauty products, some about gaming, some about mental health and some about life in general.

One of the bloggers I follow and find particularly interesting is Famous In Japan. Her latest post talks about negativity in the blogging community at the moment. It’s an interesting read and I have to agree. There’s a lot of negativity in blogs at the moment. And it gets me wondering if this is because people are blogging to share a passion or to just get things off their chests anymore but to get freebies and compete in a game of who-has-the-most-followers-or-readers.

I started this blog as a means of being able to say what I think without consequence. Most of the time anyway! I like looking at products I’ve particularly enjoyed and sharing my thoughts. I like having a place where I feel I can say what’s on my mind without worrying too much about what people will think. 

What are your thoughts on blogging at the moment? And why did you all get into blogging?

Speak soon!

Nikki ~x~

Update Post

Just a bit of an update from me on… well, everything!

First up, I have been doing really well on the non-nail biting front.My nails are actually starting to grow. Nail envy is literally the best polish I have ever used. The Avoplex cuticle oil has also been amazing. I have to confess I have pulled at bits of skin that were loose but the amount of dry skin has drastically reduced. I’ll post a proper update on the nail front with progress picture very soon.

I haven’t been very well for the last week. Tickly cough, sore throat, headache, achy joints. I’ve been taking Lemsips and drinking plenty of honey and lemon but it’s been really stubborn!

Hopefully I’ll feel better soon and can start blogging like I had originally intended!

Speak soon

Nikki ~x~

Fail? Or just a set back?

I’ve had a minor setback with the whole not-biting-my-nails thing. For the past few days I’ve been rather ill. I’ve had a constant sore throat, keep losing my voice, I’ve got a blocked nose, a cough and a headache that makes brain freeze seem like a warm summers day.

I’ll obviously live and I will recover. But it does mean I’m struggling on the eating healthy, exercising, I’ve bitten my nails and the skin around them and I’ve rarely worn make-up.

I’m dosing myself up with paracetamol and honey & lemon drinks and hopefully I’ll be all good in a couple of days. We were hoping to take a trip to the zoo this weekend but with me not feeling good and with the weather not looking good, we’ll probably pass. There’s always next weekend!

Speak soon

Nikki ~x~

I last bit my nails about 5 days or so ago. But have picked at the skin very recently. As in yesterday recently. Some bits of skin around my fingers are so sore at the moment. But this morning I put on 2 coats of nail envy and used the Avoplex cuticle oil. My nails instantly felt nicer and the oil really helped moisten the dry flaky skin.

Throughout the day I have been using the Avojuice hand lotion. I’ve opted for the coconut smell today and my hands already feel super soft! I’m extremely impressed.

Speak soon!

Nikki ~x~

Delivery Time!

So this morning I took delivery of my order of OPI Nail Envy, OPI Avoplex nail & cuticle oil and OPI Avojuice hand lotion. 

The first thing in the box was the Avojuice hand lotion. I bought a selection of minis so I can try different scents to find a favourite. In the box there is Jasmine, Sweet Lemon Sage, Vanilla Lavender, Spiced Persimmon, Coconut Melon and Cran & Berry. I haven’t smelled then yet but I think Cran & Berry will be my favourite - although I am open to being proved wrong! 

The next thing was the Avoplex cuticle oil. I’m look forward to using this product very much. My cuticles are terrible and hopefully this will nourish them enough and they’ll be easier to manage. 

Last but not least is the Nail Envy. I have used this before and loved it. Hopefully it can work wonders for me once more. If it does there are tinted and coloured nail envy varnishes on the market and I’ll be very tempted to give those a go. 

I’ll start using these tomorrow morning and I’ll post a before picture of my nails so you can get an idea of how bad they actually are!!! 

Speak soon!! 

Nikki ~x~