Mummy Monday #3

Back round to Mummy Monday already - and I have only just realised I didn't post anything for the rest of last week (*taps wrist* bad Nikki)

I currently have a poorly little boy. Again. He seems to have had a constant cough now since September last year. It fades and then comes back worse than before. I really wish I could just take it off him and suffer instead so that he can be happy and healthy again! Unfortunately it doesn't work like that, although I really wish it did. On another note, we have his first parents evening at nursery on Wednesday evening! I'm really looking forward to this so I hear all about what he gets up to, what his favourite toys and things to do are!

Slightly coming away from the mummy topic, I am starting Fit Girls Guide with my sister today. If you're not sure what that is, take a look at my previous post about it here. Day 1 has been pretty tough as I have eaten things I have never eaten before (things I don't like I might add), used muscles I have never used before (ouch!) and I am doing all this while feeling exhausted from looking after my poorly boy (I miss Red Bull).

If you want to follow our progress, you can do on our Fit Girls Instagram here.