Mother's Day, The Weekend & Purchases!

Sunday was my first Mother's Day and it was really good. I woke up to my little boy having slept through the whole night! Needless to say the following night was a nightmare but I'm trying to look at the positive side! I got a beautiful card which I will treasure and keep forever. Although I didn't have any presents to open, I have been promised a shopping trip, Wagamamas and a trip to the aquarium! I'm really looking forward to this. And besides, I had an amazing lunch with my lovely family. What more could a girl ask for?

Other than our lunch on Mother's Day (including some cake which was all made by my sister) my weekend was pretty dull to be fair. Didn't get much done at all!

And finally, I wanted to tell you about my purchases. I bought my baby some more bedding (Mickey Mouse & The Twirlywoos) and also some walkie talkies for my friends kids for their birthdays. March's Birchbox was also delivered and I'm testing out the products at the moment and then I'll do a post. I'm most excited though about my new kicks. Disney Vans! I bought some Minnie Mouse ones and I'm totally in love with them. I'll do a post on those with pics in due course.

Did all you mummies have a nice Mother's Day? If you're not a mummy, did you do anything special for your mum?