I've slipped a lot since my last blog post. One of my goals for March was to blog at least every other day and I haven't managed that at all. It's been over a week since my last post and honestly I just haven't really done much.

My most exciting day was Saturday just gone. We went to Birmingham for the day and took our little boy to the Sea Life Centre. He loved it so much. Afterwards we had lunch at Wagamamas which was amazing - I highly recommend having the Passion fruit cheesecake if you ever have a pudding there. Then we went on to do a bit of shopping in the Bullring before jumping on the train to the NEC where we met up with my father-in-law who was our ride home. When we got to the NEC we found that it was Comic-Con! There were so many people dressed up it was fantastic to see them all wondering around!

I bought myself a diary while in Birmingham and I am going to use this to plan my blog posts and carry round with me to jot down things as they come to me.

Have you guys done anything exciting over the last week?