Shropshire Kids Festival

This weekend has seen the Shropshire Kids Festival take over Shrewsbury's Quarry Park. Me and my boyfriend took our son along to see what was on offer! There was so much to do and not enough time to do it in! Especially because children were getting tired very quickly and needed frequent rests. There were various food stalls around (although these could prove to be rather expensive). There were also various baby groups, nursery and business stalls around too, handing out various information packs and host soft play and even inflatables for the kids to play on. My son is only 1 so he didn't really go on much but we have decided we will definitely be returning next year when he will get so much more from the day. He did get a go on a giant inflatable helter skelter though! I had to go on this with him though as was too little to go by himself (honestly it wasn't just an excuse to have a go myself!). What I did think was very good was that if there was a child missing, the whole event went on lockdown and no one was allowed in or out until parent and child were reunited! The only regret I have from the day is that I didn't take enough photos. I literally took 2 or 3. We will 100% attend next year and I will most definitely take a LOT more photos!

Do you live in or near Shrewsbury? Did you go to the festival? What did you think?

Why Do I Blog?

My boyfriend was asking me the other day why I blog, why did I start blogging and what do I get out of it. This really got me thinking. I know why I started this blog. I've been blogging for a while but it's always been in drips and drabs and I have never really taken it seriously. This is because when I started my very first blog I wanted to have hundreds, thousands, even millions of readers. This was highly unrealistic and when it didn't happen overnight I gave up.

Fast forward to Curves and Contour. Me and my sister started this blog. My sister very quickly departed due to her (extremely) active social life and busy work life. As a new mum on maternity leave I continued with the blog as a way to cure boredom during the times when my little boys naps, to help me with weight loss (hmmm...) and to help with my anxiety. I really suffer with my anxiety and I thought that if I wrote like everyone is reading, even if they're not, it would help me get things off my chest that I might not be able to tell anyone else about.

If you are thinking about starting your own blog, I think a good starting place is to just write in it like you would a journal or a diary and go from there. You'll soon work out what you enjoy blogging about!

1st Birthday!

The last few days have been totally hectic. But amazing. Thursday was my baby boy's first birthday! 5 cakes, 4 parties and 3 days later, he is crawling all around the living room playing with as many of his birthday toys as he can fit in his hands. The 'go to' toys seem to be the duplo and the talking Lala and Po from Teletubbies.

My sister made the most amazing cake for his party on Thursday and for one of his parties on Saturday his great Aunty brought a life sized Mickey Mouse balloon!

Here are a couple of pictures from the celebrations

Thank you to all who contributed and helped celebrate this huge milestone in his life.

Shock To The System!

What a weekend! With both my dad and my partners birthdays being yesterday we had a get together at my mum and dads house. We had a really chilled day with a takeaway and cake and of course the Grand National! Me, my partner and my son all won on the national! Of course we picked my sons horse but it won! My partners horse came 2nd and mine came 3rd. It was all very exciting even though we only put on 50p each way!

Now that the weekend is over, tomorrow will be a huge shock to the system as it is back to the reality of work. I am a playworker so have had quite a bit of time off the last 2 weeks with it being the school holidays. But now the children are back to school and I'm back to work! I do have Thursday off though as it is my son's 1st birthday!

What have you guys been up to this weekend?

Happy Birthday(s)!

Today is my partner and my Dad's birthday! It's also what was my due date last year! 

My sister has baked this vanilla sponge cake for the occasion and it looks delicious! I can't wait to tuck into it! She is also baking a cake for my little boys birthday too and I can't wait to see this, it is going to be amazing!

We have all put a bet on the Grand National and like we do every year, we'll all sit around the TV shouting for our horses.

Do you follow the Grand National? Do you place any bets? Or are you against it?

Poorly Household

My household is a very poorly household at the minute and some of us are dealing with being poorly better than others. I'm dealing with it terribly! I hate being ill. I just can't deal with it. My son on the other hand is coping really well. He just doesn't seem to be letting it affect him at all - despite the cough, the runny nose and the throwing up he is still my happy little boy.

I've been looking at doing a diary lately and the latest thing seems to be bullet journals. Bloggers everywhere are loving the idea. I'll have to look more into this as I would like to have a paper based journal.

So how are you guys? Is your household poorly too? What remedies do you swear by?