Monkey World, Dorset

I love monkeys. So much. This is no secret. So today we went to Monkey World in Wareham, Dorset. It did not disappoint! What a place! So many monkeys of various kinds. From Spider Monkeys to Chimpanzees and Orangutans to Capuchins, they were all out in force today! I managed to get so many great pictures, so enjoy!

Have you ever been to Monkey World?

Time Away

I've been waiting a long time to get away. I've needed a holiday for a while now and the time has finally come! We've come to (hopefully) sunny Dorset with the in-laws. We are staying in a beautiful house in Portland which overlooks the harbour. We've never stayed this close to the sea before and it's really nice to get some sea air into our lungs!

Baby boy did fantastically on the journey down, he slept for the first 2 hours and then we stopped for lunch. He then did really well for another hour before deciding he'd had enough of being cooped up in the car all day and screamed his way through the rest of the journey. On the plus side, he did sleep through last night!

I'll be blogging as much as possible over the duration of our stay, probably mainly with pictures!

Have you managed to get away this year? Where did you go?

Ducking Around

With having the afternoon off I decided to pop round to my mum and dads. My sister was in and when I got there I was introduced to the new additions. A mama duck and her 2 ducklings! I only managed to get one photo because mama wouldn't let us near her or her babies, for obvious reasons. My sister had placed a few bowls of water in the top corner of the garden in which the ducklings swam around in for ages. We even named them! One was Trodon (purely because he/she kept almost being trod on by mama duck!) and Bumblebee (because they were the colours of a bumblebee).

Mama duck eventually managed to escape the garden with one of her babies (we think it was Trodon) leaving the other behind squeaking away after her mama. Despite my best efforts I was unable to divert the fleeing mama duck and Trodon back into the garden to Bumblebee and she disappeared into the field opposite my parents house.

With Bumblebee taking cover under the shed, we eventually managed to get her out and popped her in a cardboard box and took her on a hunt for mama duck. Now, I know you are hoping for a happy ending here, mama and baby reunited etc, but unfortunately we couldn't find mama duck and so my sister called the local wildlife trust who advised us to take the duck to them as she would have a much higher chance of survival there than on her own.

My sister drove Bumblebee out with dad, and she is now a patient with them. Hopefully she will now be ok as she is in safe hands and with people who know how to care for her and give Bumblebee her best chance.

Have You Voted?

Referendum Day is here. This is just a quick post to see if you have voted, and if not, to remind you to. As long as you are a registered voter in the UK you can vote on whether the United Kingdom leaves the EU or remains a member.

There are plenty of places you can look at the facts for both options so you can make an informed decision. Whether you are in or out, every vote counts.


I seem to be slipping a lot lately. I'd love to blame lack of time, or being too busy. But I just haven't felt like blogging. I think I was starting to lose sight of why I started blogging in the first place.

I love blogging. I started this as a project with my sister to help keep my mind busy. We wanted something to help us with our weight loss and fitness and also to find beauty products we love and be able to tell the world about them. I don't think my sister was overly interested in the first place and she very quickly slipped away from the blog. She is a very busy girl - I don't know how she has the energy half the time! Once she basically handed the blog over to me I made the decision I didn't want to just blog about health, fitness and beauty. I wanted to blog about things that I had seen, things that I had done and being a mum.

And that pretty much bring us to today. I want to blog more and I'm hoping I can get into a habit of doing so over the next couple of weeks. We are off on holiday soon and I am really looking forward to blogging about our time away and what we get up to. During this time my sister will be housesitting and a few other family members will be helping to chip in with looking after our cat.

I have had June's Birchbox at the beginning of the week so I hope to blog about that over the next few days!

"Things No-one Tells You About Parenthood"

New parents, mums in particular, always go on about "the things no one tells you about parenthood/having a baby/etc". I've read all of these and have found that there's one thing missed off every list. Although it does mention how lonely motherhood is and this is very much true, what it doesn't mention is that if you had loss of friends to start with, and although those friends will be around loads in the beginning, they start to disappear. One by one. Without reason. Even the ones that also have kids. You're never alone and yet you always feel alone. I have never professed to be "popular" by any stretch of the imagination, but to go from having the friends I did have to feeling like the loneliest person in the world is the hardest part of motherhood I have endured so far. I have seen posts by news mums saying how lonely they feel etc; and in the comments all of their friend post saying that they "are there for her". But are they? Really? To me, a friend isn't someone who will be there when it suits them. A friend is someone who is there when they say they'll be there, and be there always. Even if it's just a text once a week just to say "hi, how are you?", and in being this friend, you can ensure you have a friend in her who will do the exact same thing. But don't rely on her, as a new mum, to do the chasing. She has enough on her plate with a new baby, worrying if she's doing everything right. Worrying if she screwed up her new child because she could not breastfeed and had to bottle feed instead. Worrying if the baby's nappy is on right, or if they're too hot or too cold. And please please please, don't disappear for multiple weeks or months after you've decided she's doing just fine, because underneath it all? Underneath the hard 'mum' exterior is a woman suffering. A woman sure she is doing everything wrong. A woman sure the reason you're not around for her anymore is because she's done something wrong. A woman silently suffering.

And no, before you say anything, it's not just the 'baby blues'. That ends within the first couple of weeks. If her child turns 1 and she still seems like she's hiding away, not contacting anyone, not going out. She's suffering. She needs someone to help her through it. 

My PPD was diagnosed a while ago and I recently had panic disorder thrown into the mix too. Not a lot of people know this. In fact, only my partner knows. I constantly feel like I'm drowning, and that by telling other people I'm going to be pushed further under. I can't breathe.

There are days I could really use a friend. A friend who I can pop round in my jammie's for a glass of wine or a cup of tea and a chat. Or a friend who could come to me for the exact same thing when we need each other most. I don't like to do the chasing, I feel like I'm pestering. One day I might pluck up the courage to go out and meet new friends. And who knows, maybe one day I'll have that friend who I can call 'my bestie'

Mummy Post: Sensory Bottles

As my little boy is growing up I'm trying to think of more and more things that I can do with him and things that I can make for him to play with that are a bit different (and cheaper!) than all the toys on the shelves in supermarkets and toy shops.

I saw a post on Facebook which showed calming sensory bottles so I thought I would give them a go!

I got some clear plastic bottles out of the recycling (saving the planet too!) and cleaned them out and let them dry. I purchased some water beads off eBay (they were 99p for 500 beads!) and some really pretty blue and pink leopard print duck tape.

Once everything had arrived, I put some of the beads in each bottle and filled them with water. I was amazed that even after an hour the beads had already doubled in size! They take about 8 hours to expand to their fullest but once they have the result is amazing! The duck tape was the finishing touch, designed to add that little bit extra and to seal the lid so that it doesn't accidentally pop off and let water go everywhere - not to mention the beads! They're super slippy and bouncy! (I can only imagine what it was like for the guy in this video! SO. MANY!) Once the duck tape is on, shake the bottle and watch them go! They are so mesmerising and actually rather relaxing! (They are for my son. Honest!). In the end I made 2 - a multi coloured one and a black and white one (the black and white one kind of reminds me of 101 Dalmations).

My boy loves them and spends ages shaking the bottles and watching the beads go round and around!

Have you ever made anything like this? Would you?

Sunny Weekend

What a gorgeous weekend it has been! I've really enjoyed it being warm and sunny!

I started my weekend with a new toy! Eeeek! I bought myself a shiny new Apple Watch. I got it in Rose Gold with a lavender sports strap. I really love it, although it is taking some getting used to! I'll do a full review post at the beginning of July when I have come back from holiday.

Yesterday we had some friends over with their kids and we went out for a walk to the local park which was lovely. And then today we went to my mum and dads and got the paddling pool out for our little boy - he wasn't too keen at first but once he got used to the fact it was a little cooler than he would have his bath or than the pool at the swimming baths would be, he loved it! He's really worn himself out today, so let's hope we are in for a good nights kip!

Have you had a lovely weekend? Did you get up to much?

Photo a Day

I've decided to take part in a photo a day challenge created by one of my favourite bloggers - FatMumSlim. She's been doing this for a while and I have done a few of them before but I thought this way I could share more of my life with you guys through Instagram! I'll be posting on my personal account and my curvesncontour account so go follow me to see my posts!

If you want to join in you can find more info on her website - FatMumSlim - or via her Instagram by clicking here

Here is June's list -

If you want to take part simply upload your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #fmsphotoaday and with the daily hashtag. Here's a list of the daily ones:

I love these challenges and I'm really looking forward to gettin stuck into this one!

Will you be joining me?