A Bit of Down Time

I'd like to start of this post by sincerely apologising for the lack of posts recently. I've been suffering a tad over the last week or so with my mental health. I've had a few curveballs thrown my way and I just haven't been able to deal with them as well as I should have been. I have been back to my GP and have had a referral appointment for the local psychotherapy services, I have a telephone consultation next week, I will be sure to let you know how that goes.

It was my birthday on Saturday, instead of celebrating I spent my day feeling rather sorry for myself. My partner was ill so we didn't get chance to celebrate as we had originally planned - I know he couldn't help being poorly but I let if affect me way more than it should have done. He has promised a meal out this weekend so I'm looking forward to that now. I've been given quite a lot of money to spend on a trip I have planned with my sister to Harry Potter Studios and London, so I do have more celebratory days ahead of me.

The school holidays have begun which means I'm on shift hours for the next 6 weeks or so. This week I'm only working 2 afternoons, one of which I did today. I have got lots to do for my NVQ which I need to remember to do, I have my bullett journal to help with this and I also got the prettiest diary from a friend for my birthday which I fully intend on using for organising the work I need to do for my qualification.

I hope you've all been well, I'll be posting again tomorrow. I'm hoping to be posting an unwrapping post of a parcel I'm waiting for from The Color Run UK with my race stuff in. It's due to arrive anytime now and my sister already has received hers! 

Speak soon lovelies!