Disney Store Haul!

If there's one post I enjoy writing, it's a Disney based post. And it's even better when it's a Disney Store haul post!

I love everything Disney, which is why I couldn't resist these latest purchases. I apologise for the really poor quality in these photos but I haven't unpacked my camera yet and I'm 100% sure which bag it's in! (Naughty Nikki!)

First up is this really cute Donald Duck tote bag (it has FEET!!!). I kinda couldn't resist this one!

Seriously though, how cute do those feet make this bag??

Next up was something I bought for Bullet Journaling. I love washi tape and have been on the look out for some cute tape to use in my journal - I found some!

Minnie Mouse washi tape!! Love love love these!

I then went on to get myself a new water bottle (don't tell my other half - he thinks I already have far too many water bottles! He probably has a point...)

I also couldn't resist this beautiful Alice Through The Looking Glass phone case. I thought it was just gorgeous and had to have it. It came with a dust protector for the earphone plug which is super cute but I'm terrified it's going to snap off and block the hole.

And last but not least is this absolutely stunning 'pocket watch' mirror. It's a lot heavier than it looks and is really good quality. And for £9.95 I'm extremely impressed!

What do you think? (Other than that I really didn't need half this stuff!)