Five Favourite Friday | Rockabye Baby! Covers

Photo Source: +Rockabye Baby! (Twitter: @rockabyebaby)

It's Friday! They don't come around quick enough!

This week we're looking at covers by Rockabye Baby! and I have to say it's been a lot tougher than I thought. If you haven't heard of Rockabye Baby! then go visit their website and take a listen. They do covers of various artists and albums designed to be relaxing enough to send a baby to sleep whilst being stimulating enough for adults to listen to.

Here are my favourites:

5. Clocks. A cover of Coldplay's song. I love Coldplay's version so it's natural that I love this cover.

4. Under Pressure. They really pulled off this cover of Queen's song. Not an easy thing to do!

3. Yellow Submarine. Because who doesn't love a song about living on a yellow submarine?

2. All You Need Is Love. Another Beatles cover. I love this one as this was the first song Alex ever heard, so it means so much more.

1. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life). My favourite song. And a great cover. Even this version gets me feeling emotional!

And there's my top 5. It's been really difficult choosing as they have so many amazing covers. I highly recommend listening to their stuff and if you have young children who like a lullaby at bedtime, these make a great alternative to the ones you might be used to!

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