Five Favourite Friday | Animals at Dudley Zoo!

Last week for Alex's birthday we ventured out to Dudley Zoological Gardens as he loves animals. We had a wonderful time and as a result Tim was inspired for this weeks top 5 to choose animals that we saw around the zoo.

I'm really looking forward to this one so let's get into it!

5. Meerkats. These were just super cute and extremely playful! It was very difficult not to enjoy watching them!

4. Lynx. Since moving in with Tim and getting our beautiful fluff ball Munchkin, I've become a big lover of cats - and the Lynx are no exception. They are Tim's favourite animal and I can see why. They are stunning, simply beautiful.

3. Giraffe. I'm going to be totally honest and admit these are here simply because of how much Alex loves them. I think we could have spent all day in the Giraffe house just watching them.

2. Tiger. Wow. The tigers were stunning. Another big cat I know, but the one was the biggest poser ever and the other we were lucky enough to see up close further around the enclosure where there were 2 large glass windows lower down at ground level.

1. Orangutan. I'm super biased on this one as Orangutans are my favourite animal anyway, I love them. But the ones we saw were so playful and extremely active! The mum and baby were being super playful together while the bigger male Orangutan was playing up to his crowd. I think they just so beautiful and so intelligent and I love them so much!

Have you ever been to Dudley Zoo? What animals would be on your list?

Next week we'll be looking at Disney Villains! I don't think we've covered this topic before, we are hitting a point now where topics could be duplicated so apologies in advance if that does ever happen!