ElementCase Aura iPhone 6s Case*

Back in March I attended BlogCon and had an absolute fab time with the girls, trying new products and speaking with different brands.

I spoke to the lovely Jessica from Bleat PR and they were showing off some technology accessories. The ones I was drawn to were their ElementCase phone cases. We were told a bit about the company and the product - including that these cases had been military tested (dropped from numerous heights, run over numerous times etc.)

While military testing is great, it's not quite the same as as toddler testing is it? So I was sent one of their cases and immediately put it to the test! As I was putting the case on to my phone, my 2 year old became very interested and no sooner had I put the case on had he taken my phone off me! Within 5 minutes of it being in his hands it had been dropped more than 5 times (why are toddlers so clumsy with your phone but their precious teddy bear doesn't get dropped at all - haven forbid that should land on the floor!). I was very surprised to see not a mark on the case or the screen. So far so good. One of the things I really like about this case, is the ways it feels to hold and how the buttons still feel like buttons. I know I know, that sounds like such a dumb thing to say but the buttons actually 'click' and you don't have to press them hard like on some phone cases. All the ports are freely accessible as is the 'silent' switch.

I'm going to fast forward to now. 2 months on and the case has a couple of small marks around the edges but my phone is in 1 piece! No smashed screen, no bent phone - perfect. I am over all majorly impressed with this phone case. I have to admit to having a tempered glass screen protector which I reckon really helped but the combination is a definite winner. I can highly recommend!

The cases retail for $39.99, not overly cheap but for a good quality phone case that can survive the wrath of a 2 year old I do think it's worth it. I'll definitely be purchasing one for my next phone once I've upgraded!

They have other styles on their website too, so why not pop over and take a look!


Another update! Is it just me or are these becoming increasingly more frequent? It's not out of choice though, we've had a lot going on (mainly illness) over the last few weeks or so.

Let's go back a few weeks to 18th April. During the school holidays and the only shift I worked (it was lovely). Until I went to pick Tim up from work. It started with what I can only describe as a strange zig zag wobbly line that appeared to the side on my one eye. Once that disappeared a headache quickly set in as did nausea. I had to ask Tim to drive back to Shrewsbury. Once back in Shrewsbury I was promptly sick and spent the rest of the night in bed throwing up every hour or so. After a trip to Shropdoc & an anti-sickness injection, I crawled back into bed for the night and actually managed to sleep. The following day I felt 100%. As if I had never been poorly! 

Fast forward one week, back at work for my morning shift and this zig zag line appears again. Gradually as the morning goes on the pain in my head is increasing and I started feeling sick. I was sent home with instruction to call the GP. I got an appointment and went in an hour later. I spent a total of 3 hours in the GP surgery before being sent to the Acute Medical Centre at the hospital for tests. I've been diagnosed with migraines and prescribed anti-sickness medication, and was told to take one of those along with some paracetamol and to head straight to bed in a dark room the second that wobbly line appears. That was the end of that and I was back at work the following day.

Fast forward again another week. Back at work after the bank holiday but this time Alex had started being sick. He'd picked up the gastroenteritis virus that had been going round. I stayed home with him and went back to work on the Wednesday. Then on to Thursday. My turn to have gastroenteritis! What fun that was! My appetite is still not back to normal. And then Thursday night through Friday, Tim had the bug. So it has now made its way through my household. Fingers crossed its gone and won't come back!

Since then and now my life feels like it's been hectic. We've been to the Shrewsbury Kids Festival, we've had not one, but two flat tyres, I'm back at CBT and working at it harder than ever (I'll do a separate post on that soon) and I'm now honestly looking forward to next week as it's half term and a Bank holiday weekend.

I'm also looking forward to the content I have planned for the next few weeks and getting back into writing up our Five Favourite Friday posts again!

What have you guys been up to over the last few weeks? I feel like I've missed so much!