Another Update!

So here I am again with yet another update post. I hate how these are becoming a 'thing' lately.

However, my NVQ is coming to a close so I will have much more time to focus on writing and getting regular content out for you guys. I also would love to start vlogging but I'm not sure how to include it in my day to day life. That and I have some serious anxiety issues to deal with first.

So, where have I been? Well, I've been working on the last few bits for my NVQ - I'm hoping to complete in the next 3-6 weeks. We've been focusing on ourselves as a family (which is why Tim hasn't been blogging regularly either). I've been feeling like we were growing apart, and I hate it. So I've felt, and I hope Tim will agree, that we've needed some 'us' time. I think we've resolved a few issues that cropped up and that we're now closer than ever. We still have bits to work on but I'm now feeling confident that it will all work out in the end.

What's next? We're reviving Five Favourite Friday and making sure we have a post to go out every week. I'm also looking into doing another regular posting series on different parenting products, techniques etc. I'm not 100% sure on the fine details as yet but I'm working on it! Basically you guys can expect us to be back to post regularly again! Woo hoo!

Also, I'm planning a move over to Wordpress! Eeek! It's a very scary move for me as I'm terrified of losing content and images and everything that I've worked on so far. But it does mean that I'll be able to blog from my phone and my iPad via the app, as everyone knows Blogger's app is just terrible (it's never updated and constantly crashes).

Thanks for sticking around during the last few months where we haven't been as active, and I really hope you'll enjoy what's to come!

So, what have you guys been up to?

Five Favourite Friday | Thomas and Friends Characters

It's the return of Five Favourite Friday! Woop woop!

Our son has been watching Thomas the Tank Engine non stop on Netflix so Tim thought it would be a good idea to go with Thomas characters! So here goes!

5. Thomas. He had to be on the list didn't he?

4. Cranky. This stubborn crane holds a place in my heart, not gonna lie! He's just very funny.

3. Victor. He's just so friendly! All the time!

2. The Fat Controller. He loves all of his really useful engines, so why wouldn't we love him?!

1. Harold. A British rescue helicopter, what's not to love!

And there you have it! Who are your favourite characters?

Next week I'd love us to talk about our home town of Shrewsbury. So we'll be doing our top 5 thing to do in Shrewsbury!

Be sure to leave a comment below if there's any suggestions for future posts!