The Halloween Movies I Love

Happy Halloween!

I do quite enjoy Halloween, even if I’m not a fan of anything scary. If it makes me jump or gets in my head at bedtime meaning I can’t sleep then count me out. There are some movies I really enjoy watching around Halloween time though, I thought I’d share them with you!

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas - My favourite film to watch all year round really! But I tend to whip this one out at Halloween and Christmas
  • Scary Movie - A horror film made into a comedy. It does haste jumpy bits and bits I would consider to be gory but they are few and far between and I do find the whole series of films rather humorous
  • Sixth Sense - What. A. Film. Bruce Willis at his finest. If you haven’t seen this then what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy and make sure you watch this tonight!
  • Hocus Pocus - Another disney one! A firm family favourite. Another must watch if you haven’t seen it. And if you don’t like scary films but love Halloween then this is definitely one for you
  • Hotel Transylvania - Loved the first and need to see the second. A Halloween romance film, who knew that combination could work so well?!
What are your top Halloween movie picks?

We're Having a....

As I write this it's just 5 days until we find out whether Alex is having a baby brother or sister! I'm so excited! Of course I don't mind which I have as long as baby is happy and healthy.... But I have to admit that I would love a little girl. I already have my little boy so a little girl would complete my family perfectly! On the other hand, a boy would give Alex a best friend and I would be able to use all those cute little outfits that Alex was only in for what felt like 2 seconds!

Post-Scan - after a long (and I mean looooooong) day, we finally made our way across to Babyvision for the scan. They were running late as they weren't able to scan someone and had to get them to have a walk around to try and get baby moving into a better position. So our 4pm appointment was more like 4:30 in the end. The lady was lovely and immediately made us all feel more at ease. She found baby's heartbeat straight away (which really helped with my anxiety) and then moved onto things like baby's spine and head and legs before finding baby's bottom! The moment of truth... she turned to us and pointed at 3 lines by baby's bum and said "these three lines here tell me that baby...."
Yes that's right! We are having a little baby girl! Alex will have a sister and we will have a daughter! I'm so excited, having an older brother and a younger sister has always been the picture of a perfect family to me (not to say anything else isn't perfect, it's just what is perfect for me) so I feel incredibly lucky to be having exactly this. On the sheet of paper we took away saying that they had told us baby is female, it does state that gender scans are only 97% accurate, so I do plan on 'double checking' at our 20 week scan in 3 weeks just to be sure...

I did run a poll on twitter and 71% of you said it was going to be a girl! I'm impressed! I was convinced it was a boy!

I'll be back again over the next week or so with another pregnancy update (yes, another one. Just because I can't seem to talk about anything else at the moment!) and then I promise I'll post something non-pregnancy related! 

So much to look forward to!

It’s been about a week since my last post and since it’s going to be a few days before my next one, which coincidentally is going to be an exciting one, I thought I give you a little update. 

The last week I’ve been rather exhausted and have had frequent headaches (which fortunately haven’t turned into a migraine this week) - I only really had nausea and sickness with Alex up until 24 weeks and then fatigue from there til the end. This time I’ve had everything so far! 

Not much else has happened over the past week, it’s been pretty mundane. But the next week and onwards have some really exciting things in store! It’s mums birthday on Sunday so I imagine we will be round there celebrating with the rest of the family. And then, on Monday afternoon myself and Alex will be headin back round to mums again. Only this time, my dad and my sister are finishing work early and we are all bundling into the car and heading out to Babyvision for a gender scan! I am so excited to find out what we are having! Both me and Tim have preferences but of course we will both be over the moon as long as baby is happy and healthy. 

I also have a few more appointments next week including my 16 week midwife appointment. I’m sure this isn’t as exciting as it is in my head but I’m really looking forward to it!

I’ll be posting on Tuesday with a gender reveal and scan picture! Exciting!

Baby Names I Love.. But Won't Be Using

I've seen numerous YouTubers doing this now, and thought I'd follow suit and do a post about the names I love but will not be using when baby #2 makes an appearance! I’m only choosing 5 boys names and 5 girls names or we’d be here all day!

Boys -
Leo ~ I love this name but I fear people might start questioning whether I just have an obsession with a certain Mr DiCaprio...
Jeremiah ~ this was my late Grandad Aston’s middle name and I always thought if I had a boy he would be called James Jeremiah (or JJ for short) but I came to my senses and realised that actually it wouldn’t be right for my little boy.  
Marley ~ not so much that I won’t be using it, and more that I can’t use it. My sister has banned me from using it... so, yeah...
Jasper ~ our old neighbours cat was called Jasper. ‘Nuff said. 
William ~ because William Williams is just cruel. 

Girls -
Poppy ~ if Alex had been a girl, we had picked out Poppy as a name. Now we know far too many Poppy’s so I feel like we couldn’t use that one. 
Florence ~ I do really like this name but I don’t feel it’s something that my child would be called, you know what I mean?
Aria ~ no, I don’t have a Pretty Little Liars obsession, you do...
Lexi ~ just a little bit too close to Alex. That and it’s short for Alexandra. I couldn’t have an Alexander and an Alexandra Now could I?
Luna ~ just a little too out there for me. As much as I love the name and I feel like it’s a name either I would regret choosing or she would hate me for giving her

What names do you love? Would you use them or not?

Five Favourite Friday | Halloween Costumes

Quite a while ago now, Tim and I decided Five Favourite Friday was going to be more of a casual thing rather than a weekly thing. We were basically running out of ideas for topics and it was becoming a bit of a strain trying to ensure that a post went up every week.

So, with Halloween just around the corner, we thought we'd post our top 5 Halloween costumes!

5. Billy the Puppet (Saw) ~ I had to put this one in! I did this for the first time 3 years ago and then again at the #BloggersHalloweenParty last year. It was super fun to create and so effective!

4. Wednesday Addams ~ I might try and give this one a go this year (or possibly next year - I don't recall Wednesday ever sporting a baby bump...). She's one of my favourite characters and I'd love to be able to pull this one off!

3. Zombie ~ You could literally turn any costume into a zombie costume. If you wanted to be a nurse, just put some small tears in the outfit, drip some fake blood, add a touch of gory looking makeup and voila! Zombie nurse! You're welcome.

2. Skeleton ~ purely because you just can't go wrong. If you have young children, this isn't too scary as you can avoid the mask or makeup and just opt for the outfit and then have your kids matching too, or you can make it super spooky and scare the living daylights out of everyone! And for all you other pregnant ladies out there, you can get a skeleton costume with a baby skeleton on the tummy! How cute!

1. Pennywise (IT) ~ This has got to be the most popular and by far the most scary for this year. With the new IT film out, people are going to be opting for this a lot I reckon. Be warned. If you don't like clowns at the best of times then I suggest this Halloween, stay inside, close your curtains and lock your doors!

And there's my top 5. Don't forget to head over to Tim's blog and check out his selection.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

~ Pregnancy Update ~ 1st Trimester

As I enter my second trimester (14 weeks - 26 weeks) I have written about my first trimester. Basically from when we found out we were pregnant (again!) through to 13 weeks. It’s not been as smooth a ride as I had with Alex. Although last time suffered with morning sickness until 24 weeks its all I had. This time, I’ve had everything. So here are the big and important things I’ve been through in my first trimester! There’s a fair bit to get through so please bear with me throughout this post as I feel it’s important to get the information across. 

4 weeks
Oh. My. God. I’m pregnant. Again. I’m going to have not one, but two, yes TWO, children. Not sure whether to be happy or not. Big me and Tim are currently in a state of panic. I do however remember being like this with Alex too and within a couple of days it had sunk in and we both felt like as long as we stuck together we could do this - it will be the same this time around. 

6 weeks
I'm starting to realise that although I really suffered with morning sickness when I was pregnant with Alex, it was actually plain sailing. After suffering with period like cramps over a couple of days, I decided to call the community midwives for some advice. I was told that I needed to speak to the early pregnancy assessment unit and promptly put me through. I spoke to a lovely nurse on the team who advised that I needed to contact the MLU once again and tell them that the EPAU had said that they needed to call Telford and get them to book me in for an early scan just in case we were dealing with an ectopic pregnancy. So I called the midwives back and told her exactly what I had been told. I was met with a response of "we can't do that for you. As you are experiencing pain you need to call your GP and get them to see you as soon as possible in case the pregnancy isn't continuing". I am now at this point feeling a bit pushed about. So I call my GP knowing exactly what they're going to say ("anything related to pregnancy needs to go direct to the midwives") and it's exactly what I got. However, once I explained to the receptionist exactly what had been said so far, she said she would get a GP to call me back within half an hour. Within 5 minutes I got a phone call! The GP said she would call Telford hospital and get me booked in for a scan. She got me booked in within 24 hours.

I have never been so nervous in all my life. Sat in that waiting room, waiting to be called in by the sonographer. She was a lovely lady, who remained calm through the entire scan. She eventually turned the screen to us explaining where the baby was and where it's heartbeat was. But not just that. She also explained that there was a second sack that showed sign of bleeding. She thought that it was likely to have been a second pregnancy that did not continue. Basically, we could have been having twins. I'm just so pleased that we saw a heartbeat and that all is ok! We have another scan booked for 8 weeks just to make sure everything is progressing well, and I can't wait to see our little squiggle once again!

8 Weeks
Second scan all done. The second sac they saw in the first scan has shrunk as they were expecting which is good. Baby was measuring just over 8 weeks so right where we thought we were! My next appointment is my booking appointment and then our 12 week scan! (This post will be coming out after my announcement post)

Booking Appointment
Ugh, the worst appointment ever. The only really good thing about it was having the same midwife who did my booking appointment with Alex and I love her! I actually got to thank her for all her help while I was pregnant last time and suffering with severe nausea. She actually made me feel so much better about myself and I have always wanted to thank her and now I have! She managed to take my bloods easily and my appointment was super speedy as all my info was already there on the system.

12 Weeks
Pre-scan - Scan day! So so so excited for this, luckily it's a 10:30 appointment so I don't have to wait too long for the scan but I can't wait! I'm also super nervous. My anxiety has been trying to make a comeback and has been trying convince me that at my scan I'll be getting the worst possible news. But we are off to the appointment now - wish us luck!
Post-scan - Everything went fine! Baby had grown exactly as they expected and his or her little heart was beating away! Baby was also extremely active and wriggly - something we didn't experience with Alex until our gender scan.
We've also used the positive outcome from this scan as an excuse to finally tell people! We first posted on the family Facebook group and told a few friends. But there are still a few family members we haven't reached out to as yet, so we're not announcing it to everyone until all our family members are aware.
As for symptoms, my morning sickness is slowly dying off. I still feel sick especially if I don’t eat but compared to how I was with Alex this is sooo much better! However, cramps are still there, I feel incredibly stretched already, I ache from head to toe and the fatigue is real! I’m looking forward to feeling more like myself as the second trimester goes on. 

And that's it for the first trimester! My next appointments and milestones will all be during the second trimester. I haven't yet decided whether I will do one big summary post at the end of each trimester or keep posting regular updates - I'll make that decision as time goes on!

See you all in Tri 2!