Pregnancy Update | Weeks 27 & 28

Well hello there third trimester!

This pregnancy seems like it's flying by! I really don't remember my pregnancy with Alex going this quickly.

Week 27
It's been a stressful week which has led to me not noticing as many movements as I would like. But she has been moving, I'm not worrying too much. I really don't want anxiety to take over so I'm really trying to remain calm and collected as much as I can. There's been a lot of cramping this week, and bump feels solid. I can only assume she's going through a bit of a growth spurt which is causing a lot of stretching.

Week 28
I genuinely feel like the second I hit 28 weeks the heartburn has just gone ridiculous! I was already taking Omeprazole pre-pregnancy for acid reflux so that is helping a little. Me and Alex went to Little Rascals (a soft play centre in Shrewsbury) to meet a friend who is actually due her second baby this weekend! It was lovely to see her and catch up again and I can't wait to finish work so I can spend more time with my friends and my little boy. I've also had my 28 week midwife appointment this week (including the 28 week bloods - one more to go!). It went well, bloods were taken with ease, we discussed feeding once baby arrives and listened to her heartbeat. The only disappointing thing is that bump is measuring a week ahead. This means that if it measures big again then I'll be sent for a growth scan. And if the growth scan confirms baby is large (which it did with Alex, they said he was due to be at least 10lb and ended up being born at 7lb 9oz) then I will have to repeat the glucose tolerance test. This is the last thing I want. It was tough enough the first time around but I would rather avoid going through that again. I wonder if I breath in at my next bump measurment...?

I realise that my previous updates have been rather lengthy and as I progress through my pregnancy there will be more to write about. So as my midwife appointments are every 2 weeks from now on, I will do an update every 2 weeks as well. I can't believe how fast the time is going!

UPDATE: since writing about meeting my friend, she has given birth to a beautiful little boy called Theo! Congratulations Laura, he’s absolutely gorgeous!

Pregnancy Update | Weeks 21 - 26

Now that we are into 2018, I've finally hit my Third Trimester! This is the final hurdle before baby actually arrives! So here's a little update on the last 5-6 weeks.

Week 21
Mine and Tim's anniversary week. Can you believe we've been together for 10 years? 10 years! To celebrate we ordered a Pizza Express takeaway. I'm not able to eat much at the moment so I ordered their Piccolo meal deal which is meant for children but the portion size was perfect. It came with 4 Dough Balls and garlic butter, a small pizza and a small slice of chocolate brownie. Pregnancy wise, it's been rather dull this week. She's been moving well and I'm starting feel a little more like myself again!

Week 22
A dull week to start with, although work has been a tad stressful on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, prompting me to notice a lack of movement from our little girl on Thursday evening. I rang the midwifery unit who told me to pop in. They were so lovely and I cannot thank them enough. She listened to my tummy and found her heartbeat straight away. They also heard plenty of sounds which were from her moving, none of which I could feel! The midwife suggested I could have got myself in such a panic over movements that I simply couldn't notice. I think this was extremely accurate as once I got home after being reassured all was well, I notice every tiny little swish, kick and roll - and have noticed every movement since!

Friday came and with it, SNOW! I love the snow and because of it I was told to stay home by my boss. We had some fun in the snow building a snowman and plenty of snowy walks over the weekend too. Our son is thoroughly enjoying the snow, I think he is going to be a little sad once it starts to melt away.

Week 23
Shropshire schools were closed on Monday and Tuesday meaning the kids club didn't open and all staff were told to stay home. It's been so lovely spending so much time with my little man, I'll be sad to go back to work. Although I feel lucky that this week I'll only be in for 2 days and then again Monday morning before having 2 weeks off over Christmas to spend with my family.

There have been lots more movements from baby girl over the past few days, it's been really nice to feel her so much. I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks when movements will be a lot stronger and higher up meaning we will be able to see them and feel them from the outside.

Week 24
I’ve now finished work for Christmas and I genuinely don’t know what to do with myself! Baby is being extremely active and I’m loving every second. I am not loving the heartburn.

It’s also my sisters birthday (Happy Birthday Sis!) and she’s 21.... 21!!!!! How the hell did that happen! She celebrated with a trip to the spa and then a meal with us all in the evening. I’ve found that baby girl loves spicy food! Which is just fab because I happens to quite like spicy food too! 

Week 25
Merry Christmas! Very hard to believe we’ve hit Christmas already! Everything seems to going smoothly at the moment! Movements are good and no pains etc. The only thing is my hips are slowly getting worse but hopefully it won’t get too bad and once I’m off on maternity I can rest up and make sure I don’t do too much. 

Ah, I’d forgotten about this. GTT day. I remember having this when I was pregnant last time and hated it. And I hated it just as much this time around! 2 blood tests in 2 hours and no food for 12 hours. But I got through it and even got the results back the very same day! No gestational diabetes for me! Phew!

Week 26
And just like that Christmas is over, as is 2017 and not only can I say this week I’m 26 weeks pregnant, only 1 week away from my third trimester, but I can also say I’m having her this year! It’s very exciting and we have so much to look forward to. 

Braxton hicks have started and they’re not overly pleasant. I didn’t have too many last time around so it’s not nice having them so early on this time. But as I only have 14 weeks left to go I suppose it is to be expected!

I am fully aware that these updates are few and far between but my plan is to have shorter but more frequent updates throughout the third trimester as I will be starting my maternity leave at the end of January and will should have a little more time on my hands.

I've noticed a couple of bloggers/vloggers that I follow who are were also pregnant have had their babies! A huge congratulations to FleurDeForce and Hannah Gale on their new arrivals! I'm also following Louise Pentland (Sprinkle of Glitter) and Ebony Day (Our Tiny Tribe) and both are due this month! It's so exciting and I can't wait to hear news of their little ones making their way into the world!

As I’m heading more into my Third Trimester, I want to try and include a bump photo in my updates! It's all getting very exciting now!